5 Heavenly Harbours

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1-Take a kid size cruise around Halifax harbour with Theodore Tugboat Photo by Debra Smith 3896x25935 Heavenly Harbours for the Calgary Herald

“Psst!  Wanna buy a fish?”  The peaceful dock at Quadra Island, B.C. was the last place I expected to be approached by a malnourished fish dealer with a nicotine habit.  When he sidled up to me, the word “fish” was about the last thing I would have expected to hear.  All kinds of questions sprang to mind.  What kind of a fish?  Was it legal?  If so, why the shady enquiry?  If not, did I look like I needed an illegal fish?  By the time I decided to ask, he had vanished.

It was definitely the strangest encounter I had at any of the five harbours I visited this summer. On a whirlwind ten day trip to meet and reconnect with our extended families living on the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts, my partner and I felt like we were on our own