Driving the Irish Loop in Newfoundland

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The Irish Loop is one of the 20 Best Places to Visit in Canada in 2015, according to Vacay.ca.  Read about our one-day whirlwind tour of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland.

The Irish Loop draws a lazy circle around the Avalon Peninsula of southeastern Newfoundland. The narrow highway skirts the shore of the cold Atlantic on its way south; then pulls back into the safety of pines, black spruce, balsam fir and birch as it rounds Trepassey Bay and heads north. The drive can hold some challenges; fog, potholes and the more than occasional moose, but the rugged beauty of the land lures you on to memorable vistas, cozy coves and tiny enchantments.  It’s a round trip of about 300 kilometres from the provincial capital of St. John’s.  We set out to drive it in one day.

We started off early from St. John’s under a slate colored sky …