The Horses of Central Park

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For AAA Home & Away Magazine, Southern Pennslyvania and online:

New York City’s love affair with equine beauties
continues into the 21st century.

What would New York’s Central Park be without horses? Many of the park’s 40 million annual visitors would never guess that horses have played a major role in the history, art and culture of the park and that they continue to do so today.

The clippity-clop of horses hooves have been heard in Central Park since its official opening in 1857.  Designed by the famous landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the seemingly natural and idyllic vistas that enchant us today were sculpted out of hillsides with gunpowder and shovels.  Horses played their part by carting in thousands of feet of topsoil to create rolling green lawns, and hauling out millions of cartloads of debris to the countryside.  In a time before heavy machinery, …