Rumba Beats and Good Eats in Cuba

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The Vancouver Courier

– August 22, 2014

You’re going to Cuba? Great! Take food. That was the advice from friends when I told them about our upcoming trip. There was universal agreement that if we were going to survive for a whole week, my suitcase had to be half full of cereal, dried fruit and granola bars. Of course, this was a challenge in the making. Forget the groceries, I ramped up on research instead.
We built a Cuban sandwich of our own – a spicy weekend in Havana stuffed between four days at a luxurious all inclusive in Varadero. Add a helping of history, a pinch of the mystical and a dash of neighborhood dance party and we had a tempting trip so good we could taste it

Our first two days were spent at the Paradisus Princessa del Mar Resort & Spa in Varadero, out at the whip …